Media Coverage

July 13, 2017
Watch this deserving student get a surprise makeover on her dorm room

June 02, 2017
North Y Selected for Welcome Center
—This Week Community News

May 31, 2017
Why You Should Learn to Swim: It Could Save Your Life
—US News and World Report

May 30, 2017
Help for Hungry Kids This Summer

May 24, 2017
Even the youngest swimmers need safety training, and the YMCA is here to provide it
—WCPO TV, Cincinnati

April 25, 2017
How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
—US News and World Report

April 16, 2017
A Court Used for Playing Hoops Since 1893. Where? Paris.
—The New York Times

April 09, 2017
How Patients Are Using Cycling to Slow Down Parkinson’s
—NBC Nightly News


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